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Who we are

So Me is my motto, to sew you the garment that is yours, that fits your body type

That the special color for you will breathe life into the garment, and allow you to carry it with love on your beautiful body

Your body, with whom you go to work every morning, with whom you give birth and raise children,

This body that you cultivate with love because it is your only body, with it you live your life ...

And if you already live, then it is better in harmony and self-love.

It is clear and known how different we are from each other, what is beautiful about you, can be .. "not something" about me.

The body structure of each of us is unique and different. Many of us have this area in the body that we want to emphasize and leverage and an area that we are less "likeable" ...

(For me it is an "inverted triangle" wide upper torso (size 46), relative to a narrow lower torso (size 42)

28 years of parenting for three daughters and two sons 24 years in the field of health, from medicine to dermo - medical cosmetics

And 4 years of owning a weight loss clinic for many years in which I got to know, watch, and research the woman's various body structures.

Many clients who have undergone weight loss processes with me, learn about common problems

In them a full-bodied woman encounters a search for a garment that suits her taste and body, which differs from the industry standard common in the world.

At So Me we think of you!

It's easier to start the morning when you like your reflection in the mirror.

When the dress is light and pleasant when you have exactly the essential items tailored to your measurements,

In flattering cuts, with the right seam, with the appropriate neckline, in the length in the color that is most beautiful to you, and in the appropriate fabrics.

And this was once written by a particularly clever advertiser ... "You are most beautiful when you are comfortable".

In love, Noga Gal

What is your body type?