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studio So-Me
Habonim 48, Hadera


Who we are

So Me Plus size fashion for women

It’s easier to start the morning when you like your reflection in the mirror. When the dress is light and pleasant when you have exactly the essential items tailored to your measurements, and in flattering cuts, with the right seam, with the appropriate neckline, in the length in the color that is most beautiful to you, and in the appropriate fabrics.

So Me is our motto, to sew you the garment that is yours, which is adapted to your body structure that the special color for you will breathe life into the garment, and allow you to carry it with love on your beautiful body. Your body, with it you go out to work every morning, with it you give birth and raise children, this body that you cultivate with love because it is your only body, with it you live your life …

And if you already live, then it is better in harmony and self-love.

At So Me we think of you!